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Baby Naming Baby Naming

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Click for selection of Baby NamingBaby names can be a tricky process.  The mom and dad and sometimes grandma and grandpa has to all agree.  A name is permanent.  Do you want your child going through their life correcting others on spelling and pronunciation?  Below are some tips for baby names.

Tips on Naming your Baby

Baby Names  Choose a name that will grow with your child. Do the lawyer test.  Would you go to a lawyer named...  Some names also identify age, like Margaret. 

Baby Names  Proceed carefully if you're thinking of naming your child after a family friend. Friends change, do you have the same friends today that you did ten years ago?

Baby Names  Make sure the name works well with your last name.  Look at the initials that they might end up with, like MEL for a boy.  He might end up with that nickname.

Baby Names  Load up on baby name books. It is fun to keep them and look back at the what if choices.  Also a fun keepsake for your child.

Baby Names  Think about the name. Do you want a name that's long or short? old-fashioned or modern? Mainstream or one-of-a-kind? 

Baby Names  Steer clear of names that are too pretentious. Otherwise don't be insulted if your teenager changes his/her name!

Baby Names  Pay attention to what other people are naming their babies. You don't what your child to be one of the 3 Alexander's in his/her class!

Baby Names  Be prepared for negotiations with your partner. One suggestion is to only suggest names to your partner that you like.  (Keep this web site a secret!)  Then don't tell anyone the name until after the baby is born otherwise everyone, and I mean everyone, will have an opinion.

Baby Names  Have fun. After all picking out your baby's name is one of the greatest joys of becoming a parent and proof positive that there really-and-truly is a baby on the way.

Baby Naming
Baby Naming

The art of baby naming can be a fun task, view our ideas and tips that will help your descision a little easier.

Enjoy your Baby Naming theme party!  Don't forget upcoming holidays:
Name Analysis is an ancient way of choosing a baby name. Some people even think that choosing the right baby name, known as a positive baby name, will help them in their career, health, relationships and more. This is not proven but just a belief.
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